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1.  What are your office hours and location?

    Our office hours are from 8:30am - 5:30pm (PST). We are located in City of Industry, CA. We are not open to the public for purchasing.


2.  Do you have a toll-free number?

     Yes, our toll-free number is 1-888-788-6888. You may also contact us at


3.  What kind of  information do I need before I call in?

     Please know the model# of your product. You may find this information at the bottom of your device. You may also locate this model#      on the packaging, instruction manual, or the software CD provided with your device.


4.  What does my manufacturer’s warranty include?

     Under the manufacturer’s warranty, your product will be replaced for any defective parts or missing accessories free of charge within          the 90 days of your purchase (Proof of Purchase is required). You are only responsible for shipping your defective product into our        

     corporate office. If your product has been over 90 days since the date of purchase, you are required for the shipping & handling along

     with the cost of the repairs.


5.  I am shipping in my product for repair/exchange. What do I need?

     You are required to ship in your product along with all the accessories that came with the product. You will also need to print and      

     complete the Customer Return Form obtain through a Customer Service Representative either by mail or email. Your repair/exchange

     request will not be processed without a Customer Return Form.


6.  I am not satisfied with my purchase, I want a refund. Who do I contact?

     Note that VuPoint Solutions does not sell directly to customers. You will need to contact the retailer or catalog company which you

     have made your purchase with. Please note that all retailers will have their individual refund policies.


7.  I just upgraded my system and my product no longer operates. What can I do?

     If your purchase was very recent (30 days), you may want to contact the retailer for a credit or refund.


8.  I want to order extra parts for my product. (Chargers, Film Trays, Earphones, etc)

     Please email and provide us with your product model# and what is it that you want to order. Our

     Customer Service Representative will forward you the necessary order form to you for placing your order. You will need to print and

     complete the order form. Mail this form in along with your money order or check for processing.


9.  I see products that I would like to purchase, where do I go to purchase them?

     You may visit our website for a list of Retailers. You may also contact our Sales Department on where to purchase a certain product.

     Please call 1-888-788-6888 for purchasing inquiries.

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