Basic Product Questions

Basic Product Questions

How does the VUPOINT SHARE Q work (SQI100/SQA100)?

The VUPOINT SHARE Q is designed for ease of use and quick operation independently. 1. Make sure to insert a microSD card to the camera before using (not supplied) 2. Press and hold the Power button for 3s until a long beep sound to turn on the camera 3. To take photo, point the lens towards the subject and press the Shutter button once. The camera will make a quick beep sound. 4. To start recording video, press and hold the Shutter button for 3s and red LED will light up. The camera will make a long beep sound.

How is the battery performance of the VUPOINT SHARE Q

Its built-in lithium battery can continuously record up to 2 hours after it is fully charged

How to connect VUPOINT SHARE: Q with smartphone?

The VUPOINT SHARE: Q is designed with an extractable built-in connector for instant connection without pairing. A Lightning connector for the iOS version or a USB Type-C male connector for the Android version of the camera is located in the bottom compartment. 1. Open the compartment door and release the connector lock lever to let the connector pop out 2. Plug it into your smartphone securely and launch the Smize app 3. To close, release the lock lever and press the connector back into the compartment Close the compartment door firmly to protect the camera against any water damage

How to playback or download the videos/photos taken with VUPOINT SHARE Q?

All the videos/photos taken are stored in the microSD card you installed and can be instantly accessed through the VUPOINT SHARE app: 1. Download the free VUPOINT SHARE app to your smartphone 2. Pop out the camera's connector located in the bottom compartment and plug it into your smartphone 3. Launch the VUPOINT SHARE app to playback and download the photos/videos from the camera to your smartphone instantly

Does VUPOINT SHARE: Q support storage extension and is there any internal space?

There is no internal space in the camera and it supports microSD memory card in Class 10 or above up to 128GB

What are the VUPOINT SHARE: Q's video modes?

There are 2 Video Modes: 1. Standard (1080p @ 60fps without stabilization) 2. Stabilization (1080p @ 30fps with stabilization) To select, plug in the camera to your smartphone and go to Capture Modes of the Settings in the VUPOINT SHARE app

How to change VUPOINT SHARE: Q photo/video mode?

- Plug in the camera to your smartphone - Open the VUPOINT SHARE app and go to Capture Modes in the Settings - Select your choice then unplug the camera from your smartphone to begin capturing Note: the camera would stay with the same selected capture mode unless you make another changes

Does the VUPOINT SHARE: Q have a self-timer?

Yes, VUPOINT SHARE: Q offers a self timer that lets you choose a delay of either 3 seconds or 10 seconds and allows you to make yourself ready for a perfect group photo or selfie from a distance during the countdown.

Can VUPOINT SHARE: Q be remotely controlled?

Yes, the VUPOINT SHARE: Q a has an in-app Remote Control feature that allows you to control it remotely from your smartphone through the Smize app. Once the camera’s Remote Control is enabled and connected from the VUPOINT SHARE app in the Settings, select your desired capture mode directly from the Remote Control panel and tab the shutter button from the VUPOINT SHARE to capture instantly.

Can VUPOINT SHARE: Q be remotely controlled with any 3rd party shutter?


What is the system requirement of the VUPOINT SHARE app for iOS or Android smartphone?

The VUPOINT SHARE app requires smartphones with iOS 10.0 and above or Android 5.0 and above.

Where to download the free VUPOINT SHARE app? (coming soon)

For Android smartphone: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smizelife.smize For Apple iOS smartphone: https://itunes.apple.com/app/smize/id1436466493

Can VUPOINT SHARE: Q take photos during video recording?

Yes. During video recording, press the SHUTTER button once to take a photo

How to charge the VUPOINT SHARE: Q

- Attch and twist the bottom of the camera onto the Charging Pod (supplied) - Connect the USB plug to a USB power adapter or computer (not included) - Purple LED will light up when charging and off after fully charged

Technical Questions

Why does the POWER BUTTON keep on flashing in Green and Red?

It could be a microSD memorycard issue. Make sure a microSD card with sufficient storage space is inserted in the camera. Search "storage extension" for details.

After I press the SHUTTER BUTTON once, why does the POWER BUTTON turn to Red and Blink consistently?

The camera is in the Time Lapse mode. To stop the Time Lapse, press the SHUTTER BUTTON once. LED will change to Green. To change to another photo mode, search "photo/video modes" for details

Why does the POWER BUTTON Blink slowly after I turn on the VUPOINT SHARE: Q?

The camera's battery maybe low. To check the battery level, it is displayed on the top of the Settings after plugging in the camera to your smartphone. Search "charge the camera" for details.

While using VUPOINT SHARE: Q, why does it suddenly make 3 long beeps?

The microSD card memory is full and new storage space is required to continue recording.